Friday, February 22, 2013

Shop Pretty: Keepsakes By Katherine

I know some of your are planning weddings or helping someone plan weddings. How do I know? Pinterest tells me.

Hopefully you all remember Katherine from her super interview: here. Well guess what? She's even more awesome than blogging, book reviewing and recipe writing. She also has shops. One of them is Keepsakes By Katherine. As a special occasion boutique she specializes in affordable gifts and accessories. And these days we are all on a budget so getting something beautiful at a great price is just smart.

 photo keepsakesbanner_zps38f91151.jpg

Hi Katherine! For anyone who may not have seen you other interview please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Katherine and I am the artist and designer at Keepsakes By Katherine. I am happily married to the true keeper of my heart. I am a proud grandmother of five beautiful children. I give an endless supply of unconditional love to my family and friends. I blog at Katherines Corner.

Tell us a little about the beautiful pieces at your shop.
Keepsakes By Katherine has been referred to as the brides good luck charm. I believe that every day is a special occasion. I create for your wedding, your home and your style.

How do you feel that your shop, over others, is a benefit to your customers?
Creating for others brings me joy and every order is treated as if it is the most important one. I keep the buyers budget in mind when creating and provide a stress free purchase.
I have been creating and selling things for over 30 years.

 photo Keepsakes_zps4e2de529.jpg

What do you think are your biggest inspirations for your keepsakes?
When I make something for my shop I think of it as if I were creating a gift for a friend.

Happy customers are my greatest inspiration.
Anything else for the readers?Please use coupon code rainbow for a discount in my shop.

Beautiful items and a discount! I urge you all to check out Keepsakes By Katherine today and find those perfect items for your next special occasion or a gift for someone!

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