Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet Cute: Cody From Lu & Ed Talks Mon-Stors

I know what you're thinking. What's a Mon-Stor and who's Cody? Well, I'll tell you. Cody is the creator of the most adorable storage solution ever, the Mon-Stor. I'll get into more of the epic awesomeness of Mon-Stors later but for now here's all about Cody in her own words. In the meantime, if you want to check out her shop you can click here: Lu & Ed

Hi Cody! Please introduce yourself to the readers.
I'm Cody! I'm a indie toy storage solution designer and plush maker. I am also a mom, animal rescuer, art business resource blogger, and coffee addict who rarely changes out of my pajamas.

I am sure a lot of us can relate to that. I live in yoga pants. Tell us about what you do.
I make Mon-stors! They are storage solutions for kids in the form of monsters that you 'feed' laundry, toys, books - anything you need extra storage for!

Mon-stors are ecofriendly creations - NO waste from my monsters goes into landfills. I use recycled fabrics from thrift stores to make Mon-stors, and the larger scraps to make smaller Mon-stors, and the smaller pieces from those to make stuffed monsters, and the tiny bits from them I either dice up and blend with polyfil for stuffing, or I stuff dog beds with them to donate to local animal rescues.

{I also use recycled packaging to ship in!}

I personally own several Mon-Stors around my house. (Keep an eye out for an upcoming review post!) How do you feel everyone can benefit from owning their own Mon-Stor?
Everyone needs more storage, and Mon-stors save space as they can be hung in the closet to hold winter scarves, hats, and mittens, or they can hang at the bottom of the steps to collect toys over the day then they can easily be toted upstairs at the end of the day. They are great for toy storage in playrooms, kids rooms, or nurseries, or they can be used to hold laundry in a small bathroom that doesn't have room for a hamper.

The smaller ones are great in cars to hold diapers and wipes, a change of clothes for kids, snacks, maps, DVDs, books, small toys for car rides, a blanket or a ton of other things to keep car clutter under control!  photo Mon-StorBanner_zps4339547b.jpg
I love the idea of hanging one at the bottom of the steps! How did you come up with such a cool idea for storage?
I started making them three years ago when I had first moved from South Carolina to Missouri to be with the love of my life. We were living in his mom's basement and space was tight to say the least. I looked for toy storage solutions for my son but given our small space, we didn't have much wall or floor space to spare. Then one night I was thinking and my artsy brain gave a leap and boom, there it was. This idea that I could make monsters to hang from a door my son could feed his toys to! Long story short, I drew up a pattern and made one, then another, and another. When I posted photos online they were an instant hit. I got so many requests for them that after some thought, I decided to drop my day job and make Mon-stors full time. Thus, Lu & Ed was born. I now offer different sized Mon-stors and also stuffed monsters!

It has to be hard to keep coming up with different designs. Tell us a little how your creative process works.
I am a really inspiration driven creative person - I just create. I don't really have a process for making Mon-stors, I just pair fabrics and when I get a kick of inspiration I kinda let my mind wander while I create. I rarely actually think about what I'm making, I just cut it out, and place face parts and hair, listen to music while I sew, and then boom, a Mon-stor is done and I'm usually really surprised and excited by it because even I don't have an idea what it will look like until it's finished!

Is there anything that inspires you while the Mon-Stors come to life?
My son. He is so funny and always has these crazy ideas. A lot of my monster descriptions are inspired by him and his crazy food combos, his love of video games, books and science and his over all just energetic and colorful personality!

I'm also really inspired by music. I can't really work without music, I get distracted easily without it. I turn up some jams and get lost in the music while I create!

Thanks you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself and your Mon-Stors!
Thank you so much for this wonderful interview! It was so fun! :)


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