Monday, April 15, 2013

Interview with Anne from AnneArchy

I'm really excited to introduce everyone to one of my sponsors this month. I'd like you all to meet Anne who is 1/2 of the super duo making items over at AnneArchy.

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Anne and Susan make cute knit items for Blythe as well as dresses, human sized items and fun goodies for you and your pets! Check out their Etsy ship AnneArchy or show them some love on Twitter and Facebook with a friendly Like and Follow!

I want you all to check out their logo too. Besides my own very awesome owl logo, this is one of the few logos that really amuses me. I love the play on words with "anarchy".

Hi Anne! It's awesome to have you here with us. Please introduce yourself to everyone.
Hi! I'm Anne, and with my sister Susan, I run the little etsy shop AnneArchy.

Tell us all about your shop!
My sister and I wanted to share the things we make with the world, so we started an etsy shop with handknit items and sparkly dog collars. Shortly after we got going, we both got into Blythe and started offering handknit and sewn clothing and accessories for Blythe. We also blog about our creations and the other Blythe-related activities we do.

Added note: You can find AnneArchy's Blog HERE.

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Why do you think people enjoy AnneArchy so much?
I hope and like to think that we provide handmade creations that others will love as much as we do! We have a pretty steady group of regular customers who have been very pleased with our work. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and quality construction, and I think that people can see the love we put into our handmade creations. We hope that the blog is just fun to read!

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How did you and Susan start your business?
We started our etsy shop in 2007, with just a few handknit hats and handmade hoodies for babies. As we are sisters, we have been crafting together for almost our whole lives!

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What's your process like for coming up with your adorable creations?
Susan and I both like to make up our own original patterns for our handmade items. For example, when I'm making up a knitting pattern for a Blythe sweater, I usually cast on what seems like a good number of stitches and then see what happens! My knitting experience doing human-size projects comes in handy - I know what a certain technique will look like, and how to do increases and decreases to make the garment take on the shape I'm looking for. I write down what I do as I do it, and then change the pattern based on how the finished item ended up. I usually revise a pattern anywhere up to a dozen times before I'm really pleased with it enough to call it finished.

 photo AA3_zps61b18600.jpg

What sort of inspiration do you use to keep creating?
We are both inspired by Blythe, as well as by nature, our silly dogs, and the things that other artists and artisans create. I think we both feel compelled to make things, to have a tangible object that we've created that can be used and/or appreciated by someone when it's complete.

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I hope you all enjoyed meeting Anne and seeing some of her and Susan's super cute creations! Please check out their pages and their shop when you have a chance!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

Who loves birthdays? Me!! Today is my Birthday!!!

Who loves giveaways? YOU!!

I am currently hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page. It's only 24 hours on April 2, so hurry and enter.

What do you win? For my Blythe lovers you will win an outfit/dress. And for anyone else you will win one of my chevron wristlet sets!

WHAT?! That's crazy.

I know but it's my birthday and I can do what I want. Just kidding. I CAN have a giveaway though. So click HERE and enter!