Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't Be Afraid To Try Something New

I've never ben one of those people that was afraid of hair color. I started dying my hair sometime around 10th grade. That would have been about 1992, I think. It was less of an experimental teenage thing and more of an, "OMG my hair is already turning white" kind of thing. It was just a few strands here and there but when you have reddish colored hair a white strand will stand out like a sore thumb. So I started dying my hair.

Not knowing anything about hair color I just used whatever color I thought I might want to try. Reds, unfortunate blondes, brunettes and there was even a black hair phase. At different times I have had pink, blue, purple and once a really ashy shade of lilac that had old lady written all over it. It's been short, long, wavy, curly, middle parted, side parted, pony tailed, pig tailed and braided more times than I can count. Often people would see pictures of me and say you never look the same twice.

It was fun. Sometimes it was very damaging. I used to bleach my hair so much and so badly that it was gummy and stringy when it was wet. I was about two more bleach outs from being bald.

For your amusement I have included some different pics however fortunate and unfortunate they may be. I apologize in advance for the quality and size of some of them. Digital photo technology wasn't always as good as it is now.

Over the years I have had my hair done professionally as well as doing it myself. Box color is bad for your hair. Period. But some, in my opinion, are better than others. I would always recommend if you can afford it to have your hair dyed professionally but if you can't, get a good box color. While Miss Clairol gets the job done, I have found it to be very drying on my hair. It doesn't shine and it fries my ends. Garnier Nutrisse just doesn't take in my hair. I have spots of color and it usually fades very quickly. I could go on and on. You also need to get a good shampoo and conditioner when you have colored hair. Preferably something sulfate free for color treated hair. This will help your hair from fading too quickly and help it retain its shine.

I also recommend It's A Ten spray in conditioner. I don't think you can buy this just anywhere. It's not a drugstore type product. I have only seen it in salons. I usually get the largest bottle and it lasts me about 4-6 months for a $30 bottle. It does many things but the biggest benefits are it helps detangle your hair, creates shine and acts as a sunscreen. Sunscreen for your hair? Absolutely. You know those lovely blonde highlights you see on natural blondes and brunettes who live near the beach...well on colored hair that doesn't happen. Your whole head just fades. If you pay $200 to have your hair colored, not protecting it is basically like throwing money in the garbage. Get something to protect your hair. I highly recommend the It's A Ten. I mainly dye my hair different shades of red and I live near the beach. The sun doesn't fade it. It fades on its own because it needs touched up.

My favorite go to box colors are L'Oreal. My top favorite is Feria, although I have been told by hairdressers that you must always let your stylist know you are using Feria before they dye your hair. At one time, I may have known why but at the moment I just can't remember. Feria is a nice bold color that doesn't look entirely flat and always leaves my hair shiny. The other L'Oreal brands are great too. Excellence Color Creme is probably my favorite to apply. The bottle has a comb applicator so you can cover more area at a time. It also doesn't give me that runny feeling like color is dripping down my scalp. Preference seems to be my hair's favorite. It's more gel like in consistency but it makes my hair very shiny after it's been dyed. Shiny hair looks like healthy hair.

Hair color is fun and it really isn't that permanent. You can always change it. I'm definitely not afraid of hair color.

I am afraid of hair cuts.

I had a very traumatizing hair cut once and when that happens you have two options. Get it cut again into another style or wait for it to grow out. Either way you have to live with something that made you miserable. And the waiting period is infinitely longer than if you picked a color you didn't like.

I would say that my hair has been various lengths and parts of the same basic style for about nineteen years. Yes, nineteen. The lengths or the way I styled it may have changed but the cut was always basically the same. Light layers through the back and some sort of angled shag layering around the face.

I really wanted a change. But every time I went to my current hairdresser she would talk me out of it. And I would listen and come home with my same hair. All I wanted were bangs, fringe...whatever you call it wherever you are. I just wanted something that simple.

The other day I was at Walgreen's for dye and noticed they had hair cutting scissors on sale. I had a few splits so I figured I would get them and just trim the splits off. Then I just decided to give myself the hair cut I wanted.

This is the most recent pic of my hair before it was cut and colored.

I know what you're all thinking. It's the number one DON'T to cut your own bangs. You should always have them done by a professional!

I was not going to pay $35 to have this done. Lots of people have bangs and they don't all have their hair professional cut every time. So I did what any person with the Internet does. I googled how to do it. I looked at several tutorials and I finally settled on this one It made the most sense and looked the easiest. So I gathered up my hair and twisted it like it says in the tutorial and...

Bye bye hair. It didn't look bad.

Pardon how exhausted I look in those pics. I haven't been sleeping well. My husband calls that second pic Overworked Librarian. He's a comedian.

But I couldn't leave well enough alone. Oh no. Not me. I decided to angle the sides. Which resulted in catastrophe because I snipped a big chunk out of the side of my hair. I paniced for a few minutes and then just decided to make the bangs heavier to blend in my oops. I followed the tutorial again this time gathering more hair and getting in the side oops into the mix.

I don't have a pic of the oops. I was too concerned with fixing it. But a few more snips, add some hair dye and blow it out and I had this...


I love it! It's a huge departure from any hair style I've had in over a decade. Ok, almost two. I can do a lot with it. I am definitely happier with the heavy bang than with the first cut. The method on the tutorial was super easy. It was literally one cut and it angled the bangs perfectly around my face. I feel like it's a far more sophisticated cut than I have clothing for. I am a t-shirts, jeans and cardigans kind of person and it's almost comical to see it paired with this hair.

I'm not saying you should cut your own hair unless you feel confident about what you are doing or aren't petrified of making a mistake. But it wasn't difficult at all if you understand your own hair. What I am saying is, don't wait nineteen years to try something completely different. It's only hair and it does grow back and you can change the color. If you feel like you need some extra shine to your look make a change no matter how small or major and you could see big differences in yourself! Have a little fun with your hair!


  1. I LOVE your new hair! It looks amazing! Great color and the cut looks pro!

  2. I loved looking at your hair journey and I absolutely love the hairstyle you have now, the color really suits you! I love your festive layout, now following xo

    1. I love to have fun with my hair. It's such a versatile accessory.

  3. You transformed from Librarian to Naughty Librarian! It looks soooo good!

    1. Hahahaha! That's what I said to my husband.


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