Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I Love Thursday - Dangle Bracelets

I've decided to start a new feature here on the blog showcasing items I love. And I am not talking about things I bought at Target. I am talking small online business handmade items. I have always loved Etsy and its array of amazing items that you don't see in big box stores. Things that weren't cranked out of a factory. Things that say: There aren't many of me. I'm special. I represent things you like. I represent YOU.

And now that I've learned about Storenvy it opens up a second venue for finding unique pieces that I love to own. The new Thursday feature will showcase items that I own, use and adore. Pieces I chose myself and purchased. Not items that I was asked to review. I am not gaining anything here by sharing these items and shops with you. I just simply love their handmade sweetness.

My first pick are dangle bracelets. I am not very big on wearing bracelets. I can't wear them on my right hand. And a lot of times I find they irritate me when I wear then on my left. If I try to type they get in the way. Or they are too big. I have a small wrist and most things are way to big for me. I also like jewelry that is dainty, petite and unobtrusive. I know some of you love a big loud piece but I feel overpowered and uncomfortable in statement jewelry.

The dangle bracelets I've been wearing are from Melli's Trinkets. I had seen her post several of them for promotion in our Storenvy group on Facebook and I adored them. They just looked fun and simple. They weren't trying to hard to be seen, they just had personality all on their own.

What makes this different from other bracelets I've worn? Well for starters it's the weight. These bracelets are light so they aren't rolling up and down my arm every time I move. The pearls are small enough that my wrist isn't overwhelmed by a chunky bead. And the pearls spread out if I am typing so they aren't all poking into my skin. They also come with a long leader chain so that I can completely adjust it to my tiny wrists.

I've even worn them both together without wanting to rip them off after five minutes.

Another thing I love about them is the construction. I have had bracelets similar to these in the past and I was not happy with them. From what I have learned there is a classic and textbook way to make these where the pin is fished through the bead and left with a bit of a leg on it once it is wrapped through the bracelet's chain. This leaves the bead dangling a little further from the chain and also leaves the end of the pin exposed. I wear a lot of knits and this has caused a lot of snagging to my shirts and sweaters. Melli's method is to not have a leg on the pin and to wrap the end of the pin as closely into the bead as she can. This keeps the bead close to the chain and I have yet to have a snag.

Did I mention they're reasonably priced too? Depending on the type of bead she uses, these little beauties are between $10 - $15. Frankly, I think that's a steal. And they are her best sellers. You can find her shop by clicking on this link Melli's Trinkets. I recommend checking out her shop and her other items and maybe picking up a dangle bracelet for yourself. You'll love it!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my dangle bracelets <3 The pictures came out epically!

  2. I don't have a dangle bracelet from Melli - yet - but I do have lots of other jewelry from her and love them! Great review!

  3. Yay! Great review!!!! Melli's bracelets are so pretty :-)

  4. Just bought one of these! They look so delicate and feminine!


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